New Underwood Tigers

Tigers: Ready, Prepared, Resourceful

Within our school district we frequently talk about education standards, assessments, classroom management, and lesson planning.  At the forefront of all conversations is the most important focus: what is best for our students.  All of our teachers know that their own content area is only a part of what we are here to accomplish.  In every teacher in-service and in each planning meeting, we keep our focus on what is most important.  We are here to develop good citizens for our community that are college and career ready. All content areas are important, but students need more to be productive citizens.  We also work on teaching and demonstrating resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, effective relationships, respect, and of course, reading.  Our hope is that our students will become "self-feeders" in their quest for knowledge and experience.

Superintendent's Message

I would like to welcome you to the New Underwood school district website where we “teach today and prepare for tomorrow.” The New Underwood school district provides a rigorous academic structure while providing relevant learning opportunities for our students. We look to challenge our students in the classroom and extra-curricular programs to enhance their individual skills.  I look forward to working with the community, staff, and students continuing the strong tradition of academic and extra-curricular excellence, associated with being New Underwood Tiger.


George Seiler

Superintendent/ JH/HS Principal

New Underwood School District

        605-754-6485                         P.O.Box 128, 300 East Ash St             New Underwood, SD 57761


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